Biological and Ecological Assessments

Ihnken conducts biological and ecological assessments to evaluate baseline environmental conditions and analyze the impacts of projects on listed species and ecosystems. 

Environmental Permitting

We provide expertise in biological evaluations and environmental assessments in support of Endangered Species Act consultation and National Environmental Policy Act review. As well as federal Endangered Species reviews for Clean Water Act permits.  

Conservation Banking and Mitigation 

Ihnken Environmental has experience in developing cutting edge mitigation strategies for environmental impacts.  Whether they are impacts to water resources or protected species.  

Including; onsite mitigation, conservation banking, or conservation funds.  These strategies can aggregate impacts of several smaller projects with one conservation area or providing credits to offset future impacts, enhancing conservation returns.  

Cultural Resources

We provide cultural resource services and NHPA Section 106 compliance to clients.  Including consultations with federal, state, tribal, and local agencies.  

Research and Monitoring

Ihnken utilizes partnerships for across the country to conduct cutting edge research solving complex endangered species issues. Ongoing research includes eastern massasauga road ecology.