Bridge over a River


Ihnken Environmental has conducted over 2,000 environmental assessments for transportation agencies.  That includes road construction, bridges, rail, and trails.  Ihnken was responsible for developing best management practices, screening processes, and agreements used by transportation agencies to comply with the Endangered Species Act and National Environmental Policy Act.  These projects include: 

Michigan Rare Turtle Working Group

Ihnken founded and co-chairs the Michigan Rare Turtle Working Group.  The group is a collaboration of state and federal agencies, tribal nations, non-profit groups, universities, and individuals to protect, conserve, and manage rare and declining turtles in Michigan.  The group is focused on collecting statewide occurrence data to aid in the development of the Species Status Assessment developed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. As well as, the development of species conservation plans for Michigan.    

Butterfly on Branch



Ihnken Environmental has been involved in a number of field studies throughout the country.  Some of these studies include: evaluating the impact of timber harvest activities on federal protected species as well as, game fish; occurrence and distribution of northern long-eared bats; roosting and bridge occupancy by Indiana and northern long-eared bats; occurrence surveys for eastern massasauga; migratory bird surveys; and road ecology studies.